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1. /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 2. brew install usbmuxd 3. Turn off device put to DFU and jailbreak with checkra1n. 4. After jailbreak download this - 5. After you downloaded plug your device to your Mac 6. Open terminal again and cd to folder where iproxy is 7. ./iproxy 2022 42 8. Now open second tab in terminal but don’t quit iproxy process 9. In second tab write ssh root@localhost -p 2022 10. It will ask question write yes and if it ask you for password write alpine cuz this is default password 11. After this you should be connected to ssh with your device 12. Now write mount -o rw,union,update / 13. After this command write rm -rf /Applications/ 14. Then write uicache -p /Applications/ 15. Now you should see blackscreen now write killall backboardd 16. After this command device should respring and you should be bypassed 17. For Cellular fix watch this - 18. For iCloud Fix Watch this -